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Why Honduran Women?

Tradional Values

Honduran women, like many Latin women having grown up in Latin America, are extremely respectful to their elder family members, and when married, to their husband. Honduran women strongly embrace old-fashioned traditional values.

One of the things that Western men find refreshing is that Honduran mail order brides really take care of their men. Coming from a culture with well-defined gender roles, Honduran women have, since childhood, become accustomed to taking care of their families, housekeeping, in preparation for a life of marriage.

Why American men?

American men are seen as being better husbands, better providers for their wives.

Honduras is a very poor country. Many Honduran men have difficulty feeding and providing for themselves and many find it impossible to properly provide for a woman and any potential children that may come along. This has created a society of sweet-talking men that endeavor to sweet-talk their way in to a woman's heart, offer things like a future home and a life together, with no actual means to provide these things. These men come for some romantic fun and then disappear when responsibility comes calling.

Honduran Mail Order Brides Desire Older American Men

Many young Honduran women are not interested in having a relationship with a young Honduran man. It's common for a Honduran woman to be attracted to American or other Western men who are 20, 30, or even 40 years her senior. This very well may be the result of the fact that women have evolved to find men attractive who are better able to provide for her.

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