Mail Order Brides

Mail Order Brides

Cost of Mail Order Brides

The Cost of Mail Order Brides can vary greatly depending upon how you approach your search, where you search, and for how long you search for the international woman of your dreams. The various costs involved in finding and bringing your mail-order bride back home with you may include:

Romance Tour

The cost of a Romance Tour could range from approximately $1,495 up to about $3,995 depending upon the tour country, length of tour, and what's included in the tour. A 7-day Romance Tour in Russia could cost around $3,995 where a 3-day Romance Tour in Honduras could cost $1,495.

Airline Tickets

The amount that you spend on your airline tickets to travel to the mail-order bride's country can vary greatly depending on the country, how much time in advance you purchase the tickets, and the time of year that you travel. Typical round-trip fares to Russia are around $1,000, Ukraine is around $1,000, Colombia is around $400, and Honduras is around $250.

Fiance Visa (K-1 Visa)

If you are an American citizen, you may bring your fiance to the United States to marry her; and live in the United States with her. The K - Fiance(e) or Spouse of U.S. citizen category visa costs $240.00.

In general, Mail Order Brides Prices are typically less expensive with the less distance you travel from the United States.

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