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The Economics of Mail Order Brides living on the fringes of society

Mail Order Brides house While all Mail Order Brides are different, living in different economic levels, some come from the fringes of society. Many of these women have to contend with a depressed economy and significant levels of unemployment. Women represent a disproportionate percentage of the world's poverty-stricken population. According to some statistics, women make up 70 percent of the world's impoverished people. Statistics show that females are more likely than males to be poor and risk going hungry due to the systematic discrimination they encounter in education, employment, health care, and the holding of assets. The world financial crisis has affected women quite harshly. In many third-world nations where women labor in export-driven maquiladoras, and places where female migrant workers labor in service industries, their jobs have been adversely affected. In many developing countries the impact on many potential Mail Order Brides reaches much farther than the massive losses of formal jobs.

Mail Order Brides Heidi and CarmenMany potential Mail Order Brides find themselves working in the informal sector, in jobs such as domestic workers in cities, in many cases far from the villages where they've been living, and don't appear in official unemployment statistics. Some of the world's Mail Order Brides experience conditions not known to most of us in the West.

To really understand the true plight of women living in poverty consider the stories of Mail Order Brides Heidi and Carmen, living on the outskirts of La Ceiba, Honduras. The picture of the house above is the actual house where Mail Order Bride Carmen sleeps. Heidi and Carmen are two examples of Mail Order Brides that grew up in poverty. Heidi is 19 years old and Carmen is 21. Carmen is Heidi's aunt. They live in houses built from discarded materials and scraps, survive on tortillas cooked in a home-made oven built from dirt, and have no running water at home. Although Heidi and Carmen are not representative of all Mail Order Brides, we find that a certain percentage of these women come from similar backgrounds. Even though Heidi and Carmen have grown up in poverty, they have received an education and are literate. We have found them to be some of the sweetest, warmest, kindest, and most honest of people.

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A typical day in the life of Heidi and Carmen might have them washing their clothes and dishes in the local river, bathing in the river, and perhaps cooking tortillas in an oven formed from dirt.

These mail order brides have found it difficult in their local society to find responsible men interested in a relationship which provides more than the man fulfilling his primal urges. In Honduras and many third-world countries exists this phenomenon where you'll have wonderfully beautiful and responsible young women with traditional old-world values which do not find responsible men willing or capable of maintaining a long term relationship. In the West, in countries such as the United States, exists the opposite phenomenon. Many men complain that finding beautiful young women with traditional, old fashioned values, is very difficult to find. We welcome you to find your dream-girl, in the world of Mail Order Brides, where Western men are finding the women of their dreams, where Western men are seen as being wonderful husbands able to offer a foreign bride a life that she may not even imagine in her home country. There's a whole different world of love out there waiting for you to be part of but you've got to get there to experience it. Take the first step. Enjoy a vacation with the women of Bride Villa.

Come vacation with Heidi and Carmen in beautiful La Ceiba, Honduras. Heidi and Carmen's swimsuits were provided courtesy of Bride Villa.

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