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For those men who seek exposure to a larger group of beautiful Latin Women we provide a very exclusive Romance Tour where you'll enjoy meeting 10 or more of our exquisite young beauties eager to receive your attention. You'll get to know our lovely ladies with the help of our bilingual matchmaker, in the comfort of our meeting location. Best of all, unlike other international dating services, you'll be meeting these women without the interference of other single men on the tour competing for the same beautiful women. On our romance tours it's just you, our staff, and 10 or more beautiful women. There's no competition from other men.

Other Mail Order Bride companies offer romance tours which group together up to 30 men, or more, which end up competing for the most attractive women on the tour. We are different. We want you to relax, enjoy the company of our women who are seeking your attention. You won't be in any uncomfortable situations with other men receiving the attention of women that you're trying to get to know.

Our Romance Tour:
  • Just you and 10 or more beautiful women
  • No competition from other men
  • Your own personal translator
  • Tour price: $4,995 (plus $99 per tour day)

Other Companies Romance Tours:
  • Compete with 30 men for the most attractive women
  • Plenty of competition from other men
  • A translator shared by 30 men
  • Tour price: Prices vary

Another convenience of using the services of Bride Villa is the convenient 2 hour flight time between the United States and Honduras. Our location is considerably closer than other major romance tour operators.

Approximate Flight Times From The USA

Honduras 2 hours
Colombia 3 1/2 hours
Peru 5 1/2 hours
Russia 10 hours
Ukraine 10 hours
Thailand 22 hours

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