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Things to do in Honduras

With so much to see and do in Honduras, while on vacation with our Mail Order Brides, we'll make some suggestions, to give you some ideas...

Rafting Down The Cangrejal River

Rafting down the Cangrejal RiverRio Cangrejal provides some of the very best whitewater rafting you'll find anywhere in Central America.



Swim with Whale Sharks on the Island of Utila

Swimming with Whale Sharks on the Island of Utila
The Whale Shark, found in only a few places in the world, is the world's largest fish. Whale Sharks have been known to grow to lengths of up to 12.65m (41ft 6in). The island of Utila, in the Bay Islands of Honduras, is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with Whale Sharks. Although the Whale Sharks are more frequently seen in the months of March through April and August through September, they can be seen regularly around the island, sometimes as many as 5 in one day.


Visit the Honduras Bay Island of Roatan

Roatan Roatán is the largest of Honduras' Bay Islands. It is located right between the Bay Islands of Útila and Guanaja. Measuring approximately 60 kilometres (37 mi) in length, and approximately 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) across at its greatest width, Roatan receives the bulk of Honduras tourism.


Visit the Honduras Bay Island of Utila

Sea Turtle in Utila We have found Utila to have some of the best, least expensive diving/snorkeling in the world.



Visit the Honduras Bay Island of Guanaja

Guanaja Guanaja is the slowest paced of all the Honduras Bay Islands. Transportation is definately sparse. In 2006, 3 cars were registered on Guanaja. Many of the residents use small boats to travel for shopping, etc.


Visit Cayos Cochinos

Cayos Cochinos The Cayos Cochinos also known as Cochinos Cays include a pair of 2 small islands named Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande which are part of the Bay Islands department and Roatán municipality. They have a population of approximately 108. Cayos Cochinos are a Marine Protected Area under the management of the Honduran Coral Reef Foundation. The areas coral reef, known as the Meso-American Barrier Reef, is the second largest coral reef system in the world. Cayo Menor has a scientific research station. The waters around these coral cays are a marine biologist's dream.

Visit Lake Yojoa

Lake Yojoa Lake Yojoa (Lago Yojoa) is located right off the main highway between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa where there are many fish restaurants clustered together, some with beautiful views of the lake which is Honduras biggest lake which measures 110 square miles and 50 feet deep over a large portion of the lake. Popular among fisherman, Lake Yojoa is surrounded by amazing biodiversity and incredible beauty with close to 400 species of birds and 800 types of plants.